Inquiries of the Social Commons

We all start life wondering about the world. Somewhere along the way we tend to lose our natural curiosity, and the world becomes more and more about what we know, or don’t know. Our natural instincts to inquire are suppressed. We invite you to join us in rediscovering, celebrating and developing the free spirit of human inquiry.

We have six realms of inquiry, each with one or more weekly 55 minute conference calls and a blog.

We have a Facebook group, Inquiries of the Social Commons. It’s a closed group, so ask to join.

You are welcome to attend the Community Sundays of any Wisdom Course. Registration is open for both the 2017 Conference for Global Transformation – A Life of Expecting Miracles and the Year End Vacation Course – The Way of Wonder: A Life of Expecting Miracles.

SOCIAL COMMONS: The memory you forgot.
Tue 4:00pm US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
Social CommonsWhat if I see myself as a person of the social commons? Could I increase my reach and range into the world? If we are the resource that’s shared, how could I access that resource? What other “commonses” affect our social commons? Whose voices matter there? What are they saying?

PUBLIC PERSONA: Who do they think I am?
: Tue 6:30pm US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
public personaThe basis of my Public Persona, and yours, is what others think of us. What could we do about our public persona? For what might we be responsible? How do we even know what our public persona is? To inquire into these and other fascinating questions, join the Public Persona calls.

MEASURES: The art of comparison
Wed 8:00am US Pacific 712-432-0926 AND Thu 4:00pm US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
MeasuresConsider that life is wrapped up in measurement – birthdays, statistics, recipes … Might measurement bring certainty, completion and new beginnings? Could developing mastery in measurement open new avenues to freedom, power and making a difference?

LIVING AS A CREATED SELF: Carving out new pathways for life
Mon 6:00pm US Pacific AND Wed 9:00am US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
created lifeCould it be that when we are living our dream, a dance of the finite and infinite occurs? Could carving out new pathways for life be an access for discovering yourself and others newly — bringing new love, freedom, joy and unpredictable results?

DISCOURSES: The building blocks of meaning
Wed noon AND Thu 5:00pm US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
discourses What if we consider humanity to be something other than the collection of more than seven billion plus individuals? Who we say we are in the matter, and who we have others be, becomes relevant, if not central, to global transformation.

CONTRIBUTION: Why busy people listen
Mon 5:00pm US Pacific 712-432-0926; 758634#
contributionWho are all these busy people? What are they up to? What are they listening for? Who are they listening to? What differences do their activities make for people around them? Does what they engage with occur as contribution? Are you one of them? What is contribution?

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